About Me

Hi, I’m Alex King.

I got started in black & white photography over 12 years ago while in high school. I love going out and taking images, then taking the time to process them in the darkroom and see what I came up with. I remained interesting in photography for my years after school and in early 2011 I finally saved up enough to buy my first DSLR. I was hooked all over again! I spent hours research and trying different techniques, reading reviews of equipment to get the best lenses and equipment, and of course editing.

I shot a friends wedding along with another friend who was getting paid in August of 2011. I rushed home and tore through the images I had produced, had them all edited, and turned over almost 100 lightly edited shots in around 3 days. The couple loved them and it gave them something to share with the family while they waited almost 6 months for their paid photos.

In September of 2011, I sold my first photo, this shot of the Split Rock Lighthouse.

It is a blend of 9 different exposures of the same image, specifically shot to increase the dynamic range of the camera. I spent close to the next 6 months playing around with the technique, got some great results, and some awful ones.

Early the following spring another friend asked me to shoot engagement photos for them, and if that went well, they wanted me to shoot their wedding. I was super nervous! This could potentially be my first paying gig, nobody wants to blow a job interview! The engagement shoot went great and they hired me for their wedding. For that first paid gig I did everything possible to make sure it went well, I borrowed better lenses, an extra camera body, flash units, spent weeks ahead of time working with them just to make sure I could do it right. The big day arrived and absolutely flew by, I was so busy I could hardly believe it, I had a new found appreciation for photographers after that. The end of the night rolls around, I’m absolutely exhausted, but I go home and was up till dawn the next morning going though images, making sure I had gotten everything they wanted photos of. Thankfully I had, then the realization set in of how in the heck am I going to process through the nearly 2,000 photos taken from the day! I definitely learned some tricks about photography workflow on that one.

I spent the beginning of 2013 taking the odd landscape photo, senior portrait, or group shoot whenever I was in town. I traveled for business, climbing cell phone towers to install LTE service across the midwest, definitely the oddest Craiglist – MISC category job I have seen to this day. In June of 2013 I got hurt on the job and got stuck behind a desk, reviewing photos of cell sites taken by the crew, I can safely say this kind of repetitive formulaic processing of photos taught me more about editing and workflow than anything I had done before.

A few months later I got a message from an old friend on Facebook, her brother was getting married in nine months and they wanted to know if I still took photos. I met with them, showed them examples of what I had done before, they piled on a ton of Pinterest ideas and booked with me the same day. We shot engagement photos a few weeks later and I started to plan for their big day.

Somewhere along the line here, with all the weddings going around, I got the crazy idea to propose to my long time girlfriend Rose Forschen. I went ring shopping with her, and secretly bought the ring she liked, a few days later on New Years eve, after the most stealthy mission to her parents that I have ever managed to ask for permission for their daughters hand in marriage, I asked her to be my wife, and she said yes.

So now, all the wedding research I was doing wasn’t just for my upcoming photo shoot, it was for me too! The day arrived, everything went well, I breathed a sign of relief, got everything edited and submit to couple, they loved the shots.

Rose and I planned and planned but were weren’t getting anywhere, she had her dress bought, we had the wedding bands, but we didn’t even have a date, venue, or anything else! Finally in February of 2016, we decided, July 30th of 2016 was going to be the day. I will officially say that while it is possible to plan a whole wedding for 250+ people in around 4 months, I do not recommend it. So here we are getting everything lined up, and we don’t have a photographer, the second shooter I would have normally used is one of my groomsman, the other second shooter is my soon to be wife! Our budget was super small, but everything we looked at was just not quite what we wanted. Luckily, Rose knew a guy from way back in the day, who happened to shoot concerts for her favorite band, as well as weddings and portraits. Joe Lemke¬†helped us out and was able to deliver some absolutely amazing images of our wedding day.

After receiving our photos I was downright inspired, and I set out to help people capture their important life moments. No matter how big or small your job is, I will treat it like it’s the most important. Nothing makes me more satisfied than to see you receive great images, and it is a privilege for me to be involved in the your important events.

Thank you for visiting my site and considering me.
Alex King